Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tonight we got to do yet another thing I've been looking forward to since we moved back home.  We took the kids out to hunt for fireflies!  It was hilarious, Scott and I trying to chase (or hobble, in my case) after these suckers while the kids tried coming up with strategies.  Brendan even gave us a pep talk when we suggested we try another night.  "No, tonight is the night!  The most important night ever.  We can do this.  WE WON'T GIVE UP!  All we need now is. . . Armor."  I half expected him to run into the house, paint his face blue, and strip down to his undies before running back out!  Then he tried coming up with a battle plan, telling us "OK, I'm the general.  Let's split up!  Momma, you go that way.  Daddy, you go down there.  Meg and I will go to K___'s house.  Let's go!"  We nixed that idea because we didn't want them running all over the block, but we did continue to hunt in and around our backyard.  Finally Scott managed to snag one, but we weren't able to get it in the jar before it flew away.  I promised the kids we wouldn't give up, we'd try all summer until we manage to catch a couple. 

I felt like a kid again chasing after them.  It was a little trickier than I remember, but that could be due to the fact that I'm almost 30, have worse vision than I used to, especially at night, and have a messed up knee.  However, I certainly don't remember them being this hard to catch!  Those suckers are FAST.  I won't give up though.  I want my kids to remember the times they spent catching jars full of fireflies with their mom and dad.  I have fond memories of running all over the neighborhood with my friends catching them on warm summer evenings.  It makes me happy knowing my kids will have the same type of memories.

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