Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Notme strikes again!

Anyone with younger kids knows of their friend "Notme".  This is the little pain in the ass imaginary friend that takes everything and makes all the messes.  I know this because whenever I ask my kids who is at fault, they insist "Notme!"  Well, yesterday I'm pretty sure Notme took my new iPod touch that I got for my 30th 25th birthday.  We still can't find it a day later.  I had it in my pocket and 45 min later I noticed it wasn't there.  The best we can figure after retracing my steps (I didn't leave the house) is that it must have fallen out of my pocket maybe on the couch and SOMEONE (Notme!) took it.  That's what I get for putting kids games on it I guess.  We suspect the 4 year old but she's got a memory like a wet noodle.  We tried getting information out of her today and she finally said "well, it was on the couch, then on the counter, then in Liberty Hill. .  ." Considering we haven't been to Liberty Hill since March, I think maybe she's confused about the chain of events.  SIGH.  The bottom line is that my new iPod is missing and no one knows where it went.  Well, except for Notme of course.

In other news, we got the baby's ears pierced.  She is 15 mos old and when we were in a store the other day a blind gentleman said "awww he's so cute."  SHE was wearing a white outfit with pink flowers all over it.  It's not her fault she has no hair.  Well, I'll amend that.  She has hair, it's just in the form of a mullet.  It is so short on the top that I can't get a bow in it, but long enough in the back for a ponytail.  Poor kid!  At least the earrings make her look more feminine.  I got her little amethyst ones, even though that isn't her birthstone, because I dress her in a lot of purple and they are pretty.  She did great!  I had given her a sucker before they started so she had something to distract her.  She sad on my lap while they did it, and she fussed a bit but as soon as I stood up, she realized it was over and stopped crying.  While we were there (we went to Claire's) I offered, repeatedly, to buy new earrings for the 4 year old who's been wearing the same earrings for 9 months.  She stubbornly refused.  She said I could buy some but she wouldn't wear them.  Um, no thanks, not gonna waste my money!  So we got home and started talking to her and I kind of got the idea that she thought it would hurt if I took out her earrings, so while she was distracted I just took one out real fast, and she realized that gee, it doesn't hurt.  Then all of a sudden she thought oohh, now I can have new ones.  She's been bugging me ever since to take her back to the earring store.  :::::sigh:::::  I should have just left the old ones in!

Off to do more laundry (the bane of my existence) and look for my ipod.  I told the kids if I find it in a spot that makes it look like it was one of them, I'm taking all the kids games off it and they won't be able to play with it anymore.

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