Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 hours. 2 freaking hours.

That is how long it took me to get my little darlings to sleep tonight.  Part of the problem is that here it stays light later, so at 8:30 when we say it is bedtime, the sun is still setting.  In Texas the rule was you go to bed when the sun goes down.  The last couple weeks they have been going to bed pretty late as we all adjust to the time change and our routine here, but the last few nights we've been trying to get them on a better bedtime schedule.  It is NOT working.  Last night bed time was 8:30 but since they horsed around so much we said that tonight they had to go to bed at 8.  By the time teeth were brushed, cups had ice, stories were read, itch creme was put on (B is still having rash issues.  Will have to take him to a dermatologist I think.)  Teddy bears and blankets were found and kids were tucked in, it was almost 8:30.  By the time I had sent them back to bed with etra hugs and kisses and told a certain little girl that no, she couldn't have a "popscible" before bed and dealt with the ensuing tantrum, it was almost 9.  Scott had gone down to the boat to put the new gas tank in and when I looked outside he was fishing from the boat (while it was tied to the dock LOL).  I was annoyed for a minute then I realized I couldn't blame him for trying to calm down after the ordeal of bedtime.  Thinking that the children were nestled all snug in their beds, I left the screen door open so I could hear them and went to join them. We were able to peacefully enjoy the sunset over the lake, but of course it couldn't last; about 20 minutes after I had gone down there, I heard the unmistakable sounds of arguing coming from the house.  Since Meg's room is upstairs and Brendan's is downstairs, I figured I needed to investigate.  As soon as I headed up to the house I saw them darting around downstairs.  It took us until 10:00 to finally get them settled and sleeping. 

I dread bedtime as much as I look forward to it every day.  I'm so tired of the fights and threats and arguments and pleading and begging (both by me and the kids!).  I'm so tired of being so tired, that by the time we finally get them settled we're too tired to watch our shows.  Our DVR is backing up and we have tons of shows to catch up on, but we're just mentally and physically drained.

I know I probably need Nanny 911 but she'd spend an hour with my kids and run away screaming.  I look forward to Wednesday nights all week because it is the one night that I don't have to deal with bedtime (that is my knitting night when I go to my knitting group and Scott deals with the monkeys.) 

Since I haven't heard a peep from either one in about 10 minutes, I'm hoping that means it is time for us to watch some TV. . .if we can manage to sit thru a whole show without falling asleep!

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