Monday, April 5, 2010

N-n-n-o, I'm n-n-n-ot c-c-c-c-old. . .

My children are crazy.  If you've met them, you know I'm telling the truth.  But seriously, I question their mental stability. 

We're at our new home in Michigan.  We live on a lake which is wonderful in so many ways.  I'm really looking forward to swimming---in the summer.  My children seem to think waiting for summer is for sissies.  I let them play down by the water today, building sand castles in the small beach area.  Brendan wanted to stick his toes in the water.  Sure son, go ahead.  Mind you, the air may be 75 but the water is still around 45-50 degrees.  Well, he stuck his feet in.  The bottoms of his pants got wet but no biggie.  Then Meg wanted to do the same thing.  Then Brendan wanted to wade in to his ankles, and I said no because his pants would get wet.  He said "Oh don't worry, I've got an idea!" I knew he what he was planning on doing but didn't stop him.  Sure enough he came back down wearing his swim trunks.  I just rolled my eyes, figuring as soon as he got into the water he'd realize it was freezing and stop.  Apparently I underestimated his tolerance for cold.  This is the child that complains when the temp in the house drops below 73, yet he waded in almost to his knees without complaining.  Next thing I knew he was running down the backyard and jumping.  Landing on his feet, but still in water past his knees.  Of course before I knew it, Meghan, who has to do everything her brother does, had pushed her pant legs up over her knees and was running and jumping.  She has unfortunately inherited my gracefulness, so she landed on her butt.  Within 5 minutes they were both soaked and wading up to their waists.  I told them not to go any further 'cause I didn't want to have to jump in the frigid water to save them!  Meg even tripped at one point and landed face first in the water, and came up laughing and wanting to do it again.  She got out at one point and was shivering so much she could barely talk, so I tried insisting that she go inside and she said "n-n-n-ooo, I'm n-n-n-ot c-c-c-cold."  I told her "but baby, you're shivering!" and she said "Thatj-j-j-just means i n-n-n-n-eed to g-g-g-o b-b-b-ack in!" and she jumped back in.  I finally bribed them to come in by offering them hot cocoa, and hubby helped me give them both showers to warm them up. 

You know, I say I question their sanity, but Scott says he questions MINE, since I was allowing them to do that.  Well, what can I say?  When I was their age, I was the same way.  I remember going to Lake Huron or Lake Michigan and the water was freezing but it didn't stop me.  I'm a little older and wiser now, but I still wish I had youthful exuberance to blame so I could have jumped in there with them!

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