Thursday, August 5, 2010

books and being self sufficient

Not that those 2 things are related.  In fact, they are two completely different topics at least for this blog post.  What can I say, I'm lazy and didn't feel like creating two separate posts :)

So, reading.  Are you the type that reads a book once, then moves on?  do you regularly try new authors, or do you stick to your faves?  I will admit I am stuck in a rut, but happily so.  I read a lot of Nora Roberts, the Twilight series, and, well, that's about it.  When I do branch out, I read contemporary romance, not the historical stuff, not the mystery romance, nothing with bad guys.  Just simple girl meets boy, they fight, they fall in love, they fight some more, and they live happily ever after.  I do try to read other things.  I downloaded the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because a lot of my friends reccomend it, but I haven't gotten past the first chapter.  I don't like books with lots of characters to keep track of, or with twisting plots that confuse me.  I know I'm making myself sound stupid, but really, I'm not.  I just read for relaxation and to me if a book is overly complicated, it is more like school than relaxation.  Take the Outlander series, for example;  Yes, it had a great plot, but there were so may charactes and so many bad things that happened to the characters I liked (I like happy endings, happy middles, happy everything!) that I had a hard time.  I finally gave up in like the 4th or 5th book (I'm amazed I made it that far) after the author spend 500 pages on ONE DAY.   So I put the book back on my shelf and went back to my trusted Nora Roberts.  I mean, I'm so picky I don't even like the stuff she wrote as JD Robb, too much mystery and crime etc.  My faves are her series books, the trilogies etc.  I have htem al on paperback and am slowly accumulating them on my Kindle as well, since I re-read things multiple times.  And some of them, no matter how many times I read them, never fail to make me cry.  I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

OK, different topic.  I finally made coffee for the first time today.  How awful is that?  Scott always makes it.  I also have been cooking more.  I've begun to realize that I am not a very self sufficient woman, and that is completely ridiculous at my age.  I'm very blessed to have a wonderful husband who is a helpmate in everything, but I think I've gotten to the point where I'm letting him do too much because it is easy.  He does all the cooking because he's better at it, but he's been working a lot and I don't think it is fair to ask him to cook every night on top of everything, so I've been trying to take over that.  And I usually get up and around before he does, so why on Earth can't I handle making the coffee??  I had him show me how he makes it yesterday so that I couldn't use the excuse of  "I don't know how" anymore.  Plus, he was so happy he had coffee when he got up that he agreed to load the dishwasher.  WIN!  :-D  My biggest challenge though is this weekend.  Friends of ours are getting married soon, and the bachelor party is this weekend.  The bachelorette party was a couple weekends ago, and he handled the kids all weekend while I was gone, so I keep telling myself if he can do it, so can I.  I will admit though, I'm so used to having him arounnd to help me (especially since he works from home) that the task is a bit daunting.  For example, I'm going to have to take all 3 kids to the grocery store BY MYSELF!  GASP!  :-)  Neither one of us ever does that.  We'll take one or sometimes 2, or all 5 of us will go together.  I considered trying to go before he leaves, but there's no room in the fridge for more milk even though I know we'll run out probably Saturday, and I realized tht millions of women handle grocery shopping with multiple kids all the time.  So can I, right?  I need to work on being more sure of my capabilities!!  They're just kids, how hard can it be??

if you don't hear from me in a week, send a search party.  The kids will have probably tied me up and stuffed me in a closet so they could eat all the cookies  they want.

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