Saturday, March 13, 2010

Change is a-comin'

After living on the face of the sun, er, I mean, Texas for 10 years, my husband and I are moving with our children and our 2 dogs and the bunny and the turtle back to our native Michigan.  We're homesick, and when the opportunity arose in his company to move him to the northern reigon, it was an easy decision.  Thus far it has also been a relatively easy move, comparitively.  We've moved a lot, for a variety of reasons and in various financial situations.  This time we're able to afford the things we need to help ease the stress of moving, such as movers who do some of the packing, and we've had well over a month to prepare.  For once, moving is not stressing me out or raising my blood pressure!  What a blessing!  I think part of it is the fact that this move is RIGHT for us.  Have you ever made a major decision and just knew, in your heart, that you were making the right choice?  That is how this one felt for us.  The educational system is better, there's no allergies, so my son won't need the nebulizer and his eczema should hopefully clear up not to mention the fact that he won't need 4 other meds to keep him healthy.  My baby girl has terrible allergies too and we've had to use the neb on her a few times plus she's on zyrtec already.  I won't miss THAT!  Then there's the wonderful summer weather (in comparison to the 100+ degrees here!), the fact that we still have a lot of friends up there, etc.  The list could go on and on.  There's some downsides too, mainly all the friends and family we're leaving here in Texas, but overall this is a really great move for us.

My favorite part is that we're going to live on a lake.  We found a house that is lakefront, much bigger than this house, just as nice, (even nicer in some aspects, like wood flooring instead of carpet), and cheaper than what we're paying now.  Can't beat that!  I can't wait to sit out on my deck looking out at the water.  That's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

This weekend we're going to spend some time packing.  The dogs are going out to the trainer for the weekend, for grooming and to give us a break from at least 2 of the creatures in our house.  Plus, the puppy needs a bit more training.  I'm beginning to worry that he's going to start responding to "little fucker", since that's what my hubby calls him every time he [the puppy!] poops in the house.  Anyway, we're going to get one of those dumpster things from Lowes and work on cleaning stuff out, there's a lot of junk in the garage to get rid of that isn't even worthy of craigslist, a fallen tree in our backyard, some old lumber. . .  fun.  Going to get that all cleaned up, maybe pack the framed pictures on the walls, some of the kids' junk, etc.  Stuff we won't need for a few weeks.  The movers will be doing whatever packing we don't get done, so I don't have to bust ass and try to pack everything while taking care of 3 kids, but whatever we get packed ourselves will save us time and money when the movers arrive. 

Well, off to get ready to get going for the day.  The kids actually slept in quite a bit today, Meg didn't wake up until 7:45, Erin got up about 8:30, and Brendan didn't get up until 9.  It was nice not having to get up and rush, but my body still woke up by 7:30.  I remember wayyyyy back when I used to sleep until 9:30 or 10.  ahhhh those were the days!

My husband is completely geeked about being able to park the boat in the lake behind our house and just go out and fish in the mornings.  We're driving to Michigan, and the kids have DVDs to keep them entertained, I have my laptop with DVDs and my ipod, so I suggested that he download an audible book or something for his ipod to keep himself entertained on the trip, lest he get bored.  He said "bored?  I won't be bored!  My mind will be going over all the fishing trips I plan to do this summer!"  He's got an almost photographic mind and can remember each and every fish he ever caught in MI, where he caught it, what time of day etc.  I think we're going to spend most of the summer reliving our youths with our children.  I, for one, can't wait to take them to Ludington, where I spent many vacations with my mom and grandparents.  Happy times!

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