Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You must write "I will not color on my sister" 10 times.

Ahhhhhhh what a day it has been.  Brendan has taken not listening to a whole new level.  Is Spring Break over yet???  My friend came over with her son, who is Brendan's age.  While us moms sat and knit, the boys and Meg went out to play.  They were told to stay in the backyard, which they know is the usual rule--stay where I can see you.  Usually I go out with them but I opened the window and since they were supposed to be in the backyard, it SHOULD have been OK.  Well, my dear darling son decided to instead lead them down the road to the houses that are being built in our cul de sac.  I looked out the back window and no kids.  I looked out the front and no kids.  I looked in the driveway and no kids.  I hollered for them and no kids.  Great, so not only did I lose MY kids, but I also lost my friend's kid too.  Wow, I deserve mom of the year.  I finally spotted them when I went into the front yard and saw them down the street.  My friend was getting ready to leave anyway so they left and my kids got sent to their rooms after a swat on the butt and a bit of yelling a lecture.  ("I thought you'd been kidnapped!  You could have gotten hurt or killed!  You embarassed me in front of Auntie C!  What on Earth were you thinking?!?!").  Meg fell asleep during her time out, no surprise as she hadn't napped.  B spent most of his time out trying to talk his way OUT of time out.  ::::sigh::::  So anyway, after his time out he came to me and asked if he could do his art project for school that is due on monday.  He has to decorate cowboy boots for Rodeo week.  (Yeah, I'm gonna miss Texas!  LOL).  I said yes, let me get the markers, and he said "I already have the black one.  The little one."  Oh, my sharpie??  The one I specifically told you NOT to touch???  Yeah, I don't think so, kiddo.  So I go into the kitchen to take it away and get him the washable-kid-friendly markers, and what do I see?  Big X's and lines drawn on my kitchen cubbard doors.  IN PERMANENT MARKER.  OMG.  I thought by 6 he would have grown out of the color-on-everything-but-paper thing.  Apparently not.  I took about 50 deep breaths to keep from killing him, and yelled "Go to your room!!!  RIGHT NOW!!"  Hubby came out to see what was going on, and he spotted the baby.  "Hon, what's that on Erin's head?"  Oh, lovely.  It is a nice large line down the middle of her forehead.  Yes, again, in permanent marker.  At this point he got another spanking and told to stay in his room until he dies until we tell him to come out.  We let him come out after a little over an hour, and after we discovered that thankfully non-acetone nail polish remover takes sharpie off both finished cubbards and baby foreheads.  I washed Erin's head right away afterward and it didn't appear to bother her skin.  I was so worried, I thought we'd have to replace the cubbard doors or something before we put the house on the market. 

While we were cleaning the mess, Scott and I were discussing different ways that we might try to change his behavior.  One of the ideas we decided to try was the old method schools used to use.  Yep, we made him write an apology letter to us and then write "I will not color on my sister" 10 times.  I'm saving that paper to show his future bride.  :-)

Does anyone know if there is a military school that offers Kindergarten? 

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