Tuesday, March 23, 2010

uh, something popped. That can't be good.

Went to my doc today to get my knee re-checked.  She asked if I was able to put any weight on it and I said that I hadn't tried b/c they told me not to for a few days.  So I kinda leaned a bit on it and that wasn't too terrible, so she asked me to get up on the table and lie face down so she could bend my knee.  Well while trying to get up on the table I kinda put more weight on it, and something popped and my knee completely buckled under me.  Hurt like hell too.  So, yeah, she said absolutely do not put any weight on it, and I have to get an MRI done as soon as they get my insurance to approve it.  She thinks it could be a really bad sprain but she's worried I might have torn something.  If that's the case, she said they'll get it diagnosed here, but that any treatment would obviously have to be done in MI. 

This sucks.  This completely and totally sucks.  Yeah it may sound nice that I get to sit and knit and watch New Moon, but I feel awful that I can't carry the baby or help with the packin and cleaning or anything.  Poor Scott has been given a bunch of new responsibilities at work in addition to his old ones, and on top of that he's been trying to get extra stuff done so that he can deal with moving next week.  Now he has to do all that AND take care of me and the baby and everything.  I can't carry stuff with crutches, so he has to wait on me and bring me ice and food and all that.  He's pissed, not at me but just in general.  I guess I don't blame him, but his attitude is making me feel worse even though that isn't his intention.  So sorry babe, I didn't mean to be a complete idiot.  Today when the nurse asked me what happened, I said "well, 29 years ago my Grandma dropped me on my head.  I think it must have impaired my judgement." 

I'm trying to convince Scott to ask his mom to help out with Erin.  I know he doesn't want to burden her, but I'm sure since we're leaving soon she'll be happy to spend some extra time with E.  I was really hoping that the doc could do something like give me some sort of stabilizing brace that I could walk with, but that was before I realized that my knee couldn't handle any weight.  That pop scared the hell out of me.  God, what if I have to have surgery or rehab or something??  What completely shitty timing.  I'm a moron.  I willnever ever ever attempt a bike stunt again. 

On top of all this, now Scott is freaking out about how we're getting to MI.  We had planned to drive his truck so he could take the boat and his folks were going to drive our van next month.  Well, I don't know if I can get up into the truck, since the bottom of the door is higher than my waist.  I told him we could try it with a step stool but that might be tricky with crutches.  Yeah, this is gonna be so freaking much fun.  If I can't get into the truck I have no idea what we're going to do.  His folks can't drive the truck with the boat.  The only thing I can think of is if they come up with us right away and I ride in the van, but I don't know. 

This is a nightmare.  What the hell was I thinking when I got on that bike?????

Wish us luck please.  ::::::sigh::::::

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  1. Oh Jen....things will work out! I promise!! When you get up here, go to Dr. Martin...he's worked with Tony and all his knee/ankle issues and did my dad's rotator cuff sugery as well...let me know if you need anything once you get up here! Maybe you can have the movers lift YOU into the truck?! :)