Friday, March 26, 2010

Good news and bad news

I had an MRI done of my knee yesterday to determine exactly what is wrong with it and how to fix it.  The good news is that I can now walk, sort of.  They gave me a walking locking brace for my knee so I can hobble.  I've been using one crutch at the same time because my knee still feels unstable, but at least I can do things like carry a milk jug or my own purse.  I am not comfortable carrying the baby around but I'll be more up to that maybe in a day or two. 

The bad news is that they said it looks like I tore my ACL.  The doc said they usually wait a few weeks to repair them, so I can have it done in Michigan after we get settled and things.  Plus we'll be close enough to go to the U of M hospital, one of the best in the country (of course it is, GO BLUE!) so I'll be in good hands.  Not totally thrilled about it, but it could have been worse. 

I called my dad after I left the doctor, and he laughed.  LAUGHED.  I haven't heard him laugh that hard in a while.  Gee, glad I amuse ya!  :-)  He mocked me too, said "Hold ma beer n watch me do this!" @@. 

I can only hope that my children have inherited more physical grace and intelligence than I have. 

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